Fingerworks™ 5 Broadcast Telestrators

FingerWorks™ 5 with NewTek™ NDI Support

FingerWorks™ Telestrators has been the choice of all major networks for over 15 years and is now available to all NewTek™ customers, including support for their new NDI streaming protocol. It is ideal for live, pre and post broadcast productions. We are proud to be a part of the NewTek™ Developers Network.

Fingerworks™ PC

Software designed for PC PowerPoint presenters.
Supports clips, still images, and any PC application.


Integrate Telestration tools  as an option to your current product, including the ability to create custom tools and graphics looks.

Why Fingerworks™5?

FW5 DOC CHECKMARK 150x150 Home  New Drawing Engine
FW5 DOC CHECKMARK 150x150 Home  Foreground / Background Separation for placing graphics and animations under players
FW5 DOC CHECKMARK 150x150 Home  Scalable Animations
FW5 DOC CHECKMARK 150x150 Home  3D Tools / Drawings / Animations / Particle Effects
FW5 DOC CHECKMARK 150x150 Home  Perspective with support for Z-axis

WHO CAN USE Fingerworks™ Telestrators?


  • Professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams
  • TV broadcast facilities for news and post production.
  • Corporate boardrooms for local or collaborative meetings
  • Conference centers and hotels
  • Corporate education centers and training facilities
  • Distance Internet education
  • City or municipal broadcast facilities for planning meetings and presentations
  • University and secondary education facilities
  • Police search and rescue